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Health House site ( ) which is owned by Rebels gate company, aims to provide medical news, health tips and articles that provide the Arab user information about health to take care of his health and to submit himself before the prevention of the disease.

Health house site is a source of confidence for health care tips and medical news and so we can all live better and healthier life, to save lives by the power of science and to live a healthy long life. Your health is your responsibility and your doctor can help you with it and not the other way around. Especially with the availability of information and means of transport in this era, that enable patient to have access to health knowledge that will help him maintain his health and the health of his family in a second.

Our vision

Medical News

Medical News: The most recent medical news that keeps you abreast of the latest scientific and medical discoveries as they released in specialized worldwide scientific journals.

It has become necessary to follow-up medical discoveries and scientific achievements that contribute to the health of human illness. The disease you suffer today a scientific journals page can carry its cure tomorrow. On the other hand, it may provide you information about your daily habit that causes illness in the future. We are keen in health house to follow-up the World Medical research, medical studies, and Arabic news so the patient can find what may pave the way for him to treatment or prevention.

Detect false medical facts

Where is the truth: medical examination of theories and beliefs relating to health, studies comparing and directories out by final judgment on them.

Among the multiple and contradictory theories in medicine that may not live up to the level of consensus sometimes, and the false ideas and beliefs handed down, the truth may got lost. In Health house there is no place for anything but the facts which is based on evidence and directories examine theories and beliefs that may be taken as granted, and put them under the microscope and compare the studies that support or denies to get a result that respects the recipient’s mind.

Treatment does not only lay among doctor’s hands

The development of the pharmaceutical industry as a business generating billions of dollars, , and the large number of chronic diseases, immunity diseases, and cancer that cannot be healed (or so it is revealed to us), all these reasons made people in a large dependence on medicine in the treatment of diseases as the only source. In the house of health, we show that medicine and surgery are not the only approach in maintaining health and curing the disease. We always go back to the causes of disease and design the plan of prevention and treatment. Where drugs are often dealing with only the symptoms of the disease without providing a cure for reasoned and therefore healing. On the other hand, the side effects of many drugs may outweigh the symptoms themselves. We do that by several approaches, including: improving the quality of the food, staying away from toxins, physical therapy exercises, going back to nature for the treatment of some health problems, dietary supplements that complement the cause of diseases shortfall, and giving ways to deal with stress and psychological and social pressures.

Within this vision falls the health house site’s sections

Diseases and treatments: you can find here most of the diseases and therapies and the details of it and its complications and solutions.

Men’s Health: All health topics of interest to men and that he can rely upon to live the whole success and healthier lives.

Women’s health: all the topics, which relates to women’s health in a renewed and distinct stems from the woman’s privacy and uniqueness.

Natural health: away from drugs and surgery, discover the power of remedies and treatments that rely on the healing chemical properties of herbs and natural materials in the treatment of various diseases in a scientific installation.

Dieting: where you get the best information to lose weight and follow a diet for the treatment of some diseases that caused by food bugs.

Muscles and joints: a lot of muscles and joints spread disease without medicine offering a radical solution to it. Here we present exercises that help in the prevention of these diseases and the alleviation of pain and Prevention.

Sexual health: sexual health task in our lives like any other side, in the house of health we discuss the most important sexual problems and offer solutions to them without resorting to harmful methods that may cause harm at the end.

Social Health: Tips for dealing with difficult social situations out of which the best results.

Take care of yourself: beauty tips to appear better and take care of the form and beauty.

Medical Tips: Tips are mainly dependent on improving the quality of life and staying away from the causes of the disease to prevent it.

The ultimate medical advice

If there was one medical advice we hope to deliver to readers it is this one: Look for cause and transform your lifestyle. Many diseases did not appear before industrial age and chemicals. This, if anything, shows that we have to step back and re-think our calculations noticing what industrial companies put in front of our faces and market for the sake of profit. We certainly do not call for the rejection of civilization but we suggest choosing of what maintains our health. I even think that the world in the coming decades will have a strong commitment in line with the health conditions. Especially after we get fed up with cancer and diabetes and immune diseases, and people will become pressing tool on companies and factories to shift to healthy organic products and to convert to new technologies. This way we will help the body heal itself instead of put it under greater pressure by pumping chemical pharmaceutical substances in his body.

If we wanted to generalize the whole reason behind disease, we can say that the cause of all diseases divided into two parts: the lack of basic nutrients for cell, and poisoning cell materials make it derailed and do its job. When we draw these two reasons in our mind, we can see the integration of medical advice in the health house. Whether we write about a diet for the treatment of diabetes, or for dietary supplements to treat depression, or for materials in our food that cause cancer  you can see that they all are in the course of one.

An Invitation to join

Health in the house provide a free platform for physicians of all disciplines and who are seeking to raise the level of health in the Arab world and to raise awareness by typing articles that provide information contribute to the care of the health of patients.

The editorial team

Toka Ezzedine


Mohammed Yakot

Designer and publisher

Ola Al- Hiyari


A message from the founder of the House health

We believe in the capabilities of the user and the Arab pioneer in the face of a world of knowledge, browsing and searching for information improves the health through reading it in Arabic sites. However, we urge our readers not to apply any non-medical advice except under the supervision of the personal physician.

Health house site created to take care of you, and his goal is to give you information and tips. However before you apply this information you should consult your personal physician to protect yourself from any damage resulting from the misunderstanding of this information.

Editor on behalf of the founder of the House Health